memory. culture. art.
Piotr Żyliński

Piotr Żyliński was born in 1983 in Koło, Poland. He successfully completed a two year college education programme in the field of advertisement in Koło before enrolling in intermedia studies in Poznań. He works with photos, videos, installations and objects. He is the initiator of “artsiders – internetvision about art” ( and was awarded a prize of Samsung Art Master V.

Selected Exhibitions:
Nie ma sorry, Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej, Warsaw
Samsung Art Master, CSW Zamek, Warsaw
Dark Ages, Leipzig
Mediations - Wielka Polska, Biennale Poznań
Art Must Be Beautiful, Stary Browar, Poznań
Die Gegenwart des Vergangenen, Tapetenwerk, Leipzig
Plastic People, C2C Galerie, Prague

Piotr Żyliński states on his work:
“I am working with different topics, oftentimes political ones related to memories. For me it is important to present a clearly drafted concept without already giving the answers. The observer is supposed to get only a stimulus which triggers further reflections on the work. At first glance my works seem to be a little sarcastic and ironic. Only upon a closer look their seriousness can be seen. My own experiences and memories play a major role in my artistic works. I am using different media because I do not want to reduce myself to being either a video artist or a sculptor. I especially like photography. But just like the other media to me it is only a tool. The statement behind the artistic work is much more important.”